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Perhaps, as the inspiration for this blog, I should have begun with this, but second place is not too bad for an item you can no longer find.

Back in High School, when Bennigan’s still existed, my friend Melanie and I would randomly go to have Death by Chocolate whenever one of us was particularly stressed or upset, or when we were just craving chocolate.  On my 21st birthday, I even ordered the Death by Chocolate Martini to accompany the cake, though my opinion on chocolate flavored alcohol will have to defer until another post.  Ever since most Bennigan’s closed down, Melanie and I have been on a bit of a quest to replace this heavenly dessert, but nothing has quite managed to succeed just yet.
Death by Chocolate
I think this description says it all:
“Sinfully tempting Dutch chocolate and nutty rocky road Ice creams swirled with TWIN cookie bars on an Oreo cookie crust.  And, as if that weren’t enough, we dip the whole thing in a rich chocolate sauce.  It’s killer!”

It was basically an ice cream cake with bits of chocolate and nuts mixed in, and then you were given a ramkin of sauce that hardened on cold contact.  The whole experience was divine.

I have since then come across several chocolate cakes entitled “Death by Chocolate,” but not one has come close to being as absolutely satisfying.  I will continue to try them all though.

Oh how we miss you Death by Chocolate!  Rest in Peace!