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I could not go long without singing praise to this ambrosia of chocolate.  Yes, I have met those who do not enjoy the taste of Nutella, but they are decidedly insane (and significantly less Italian than me in my hatred of coffee).
For those of you who are still deprived of the Nutella experience, it is a chocolate/hazelnut flavored spread with the consistancy of a smooth peanut butter.  I often spread Nutella on bread or a bagel for breakfast (this was my daily breakfast when I lived in Italy), though it can be used in a variety of dessert and snack combinations.  I have never seen them sold in the US, but overseas you can even purchase little snack packs of Nutella with cookie sticks.  There are various sized jars available in stores, and every now and then you can even find single serving packages at World Markets.

My absolute FAVORITE way to eat Nutella is in Nutella crepes, which seem to be popping up everywhere in the US now-a-days.  I ate one every day when I was in Venice.  Now you can find them at various breakfast restaurants like IHOPS, and a few months ago I went down to Navy Pier with my visiting Canadian friend, and they even had them there.  The ones at IHOP were not really chocolaty enough, but I can not speak for the ones at Navy Pier as I had just had Ice Cream before I saw them (chocolate of course).

I have tried a few knock offs, but so far nothing quite lives up to the taste of the original.