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Not only is this my sixth week entry (my lucky number), but this is also my birthday week (or the week before).  So, this entry is dedicated to my new favorite place to gorge myself on chocolate: Le Chocolat du Bouchard, a lovely Chocolate Cafe in Naperville, IL.  The selection here is AMAZING, and everything I have tried so far has been incredible.  I owe my friend Becca so much for taking me here, I think it is time for another trip.  The menu is divided into: Exotic Drinks, Gourmet Hot Chocolates, Mochas and Lattes, and Decadent Desserts.

I have only been once so far (though I had my dessert and drink, and tried Becca’s dessert and drink as well), and I am so tempted to order the same items the next time I go, but I am going to try to keep a promise to myself: To try something new each time I go.  Not only will this allow me to discover new deliciousness each time, but it also supplies me with more to tell you all about. 😀

The first time I went, I tried the Death by Chocolate cake and S’mores Drink.  The Death by Chocolate, while good, did not live up to Bennigan’s DbC fame.  THe Toasted Marshmallow hot Chocolate however, was excellent.  Honestly, the drink is the item I must fight the urge to order again and again.  Perhaps next time I will have the Chocolate Butterscotch…or the Brown Sugar Kiss…or the Dark Decadence…or an exotic drink…or…….