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This was meant for a Halloween edition, but, yeah.  You would think I would have been paying homage to a chocolate treat I prefer to receive in my Trick’or’Treating haul, but no, instead, I give tribute to a chocolate treat now in the land of the dead.  Nearly a decade ago, I discovered these lovely new Kisses availabel only during the Holiday season.  I instantly fell in love.  They taste much like the World’s Finest Chocolates Meltaways, only they are much more affordable and come in the typical Hershey’s Kiss quantity.

I will admit that it also did not hurt much that the wrappers had a lovely diamond pattern (#Jesters).

This Kiss variety survived a few years, and then one year I went looking for them, and they were gone.  Now they have Mint Truffles, Candy Cane, and I think there have been a few others, but nothing compares to the original Mint Kisses.  No crunchy bits, no funny cream center that tastes a bit like toothpaste, just Mint Chocolate flavor.

Rest in Peace Mint Kisses!