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Studio Movie Grill in Wheaton is one of those high end, fancy movie theaters were it is also a full service restaurant.  They have little buttons that you press when you need something.  But, this is not to discuss them, but rather their selection of Chocolate desserts.  I have been there twice, and sampled three of their chocolate items.  You can see their full selection here.  The items in question today are:

CHOCOLATE CAKE – Four-layer chocolate cake.

BROWNIE SUNDAE – Chocolate-cherry brownies, vanilla and chocolate ice cream, Ghirardelli caramel and chocolate sauces, cinnamon chips.

MILKSHAKE –  Hand-dipped vanilla, chocolate, strawberry or peanut butter blended shakes. Add Oreo pieces for extra charge.

The first time I went, I ordered the Brownie Sundae and my friend let me try some of his Chocolate Cake.  I found the Chocolate Cake very dry, and not rich at all.  I actually was undecided on which of the two I was going to order until I tried some of his and was turned off, so I ordered the other item.  The Brownie Sundae however, was disappointing as well.  They added a cherry flavor to the brownie that I felt was too much and very forced, as if they were determined to do something different and did not care whether it was good or not.  They also ONLY gave me vanilla ice cream, which was disappointing for a Chocoholic.

Most of their other items, I am not too enticed by, because I do not like the three Ben & Jerry’s favors they offer and mix with other items (Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, and Nougat Crunch).  I went again last night to see Man of Steel though, and wanted to try something else.  So, I ordered a Chocolate Milkshake (no oreos).  This Milkshake, blew me away!  It was so delicious, and I could taste that they used chocolate ice cream rather than flavoring vanilla ice cream.  I drank that thing so fast and wished I had more.  This milkshake alone redeemed their dessert menu.  Next time I think I may try their frozen hot chocolate.