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In my quest to find a healthy, dark chocolate, that was not so bitter that I had to pair it or chase it with something else, I discovered a brand called Chocolove.

CHOCOLOVE_ASSORTEDChocolove has 24 flavors, though admittedly I have only tried their 77% Dark.  I would love to try some of their Organic Dark, but I have yet to find it locally (I usually purchase them from Whole Foods).  Some of their other flavors look very tempting, but I try to stick to the 72% and above rule.

ChocoloveExtraStrongDark77WrapperWebI will not lie and say the 77% Extra Strong Dark Chocolate is not bitter at all, it is, especially if you are not used to eating dark chocolate.  However, it is significantly less bitter than all of the other brands I have tried so far.  I almost always have a bar of 77% sitting in my desk drawer at work, or hidden away at home, and when I am having a severe chocolate craving, I have two or three squares and it really does do the trick.

Another interesting thing about Chocolove, the inside of their wrappers have love poems printed on them.  My current wrapper has a Shakespearean Sonnet.