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20140123_222848Generally, I am not a big fan of fruits and nuts in my chocolate.  The flavors often overwhelm the flavor of the chocolate itself, which defeats the purpose of eating chocolate (at least it does in my opinion).  The fruits and nuts on these wafers from MoRoCo Chocolat however, did a very good job of complimenting the chocolate.

20140127_213031The disks had four varieties, milk, dark, white, and then a fourth that I could not quite place.  I was expecting a butterscotch or caramel flavor, but they were definitely chocolate.  Looking at their website, it was probably their blonde chocolate, just based on color.  I much preferred the dark chocolate above the others, but they were all delicious.  I have spent some time looking at their website now, and they have some other very intriguing items that I would definitely be willing to try in the future.  The top items on my list right now are:

Truffles (Any, but especially their Classics or Nuts and Caramels collections), Cocoa Caviar (just for the novelty of it, really), Swiss Schoko Tea, S’more To Go, Chocolate Dipped Marshmallows, and of course their Macarons (I wish they listed their flavors online).

Packaging:  3/5 – Simple packaging, I wish they listed nutritional info and ingredients.
Chocolate Presentation:  5/5 – Very elegant looking.
Taste:  5/5 – Delicious, one of the few fruit/nut chocolates I have loved.
Extra Points:  0

Total:  13/15