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20140222_013809Truffle Pig, oh Truffle Pig!  I love you so!  I was not sure what to expect with this little chocolate bar.  The pig theme was…curious….but the package advertised mint, and I LOVE mint chocolate.

20140222_01382520140222_013914The pigs…did not entirely survive transport to the US.  The chocolate comes as one long bar with a raised interlocked pig design.  The chocolate itself was dark chocolate (which was likely in a percentage between 30-50%), but the bitterness of the chocolate and the subtle hint of mint were a perfect pairing.  I think I ate the whole thing in one sitting and I was still craving more.  Definitely the favorite of the Care Package.

Of course, they also have other flavors on their website.

Packaging: 3/5 – Nothing spectacular.
Chocolate Presentation: 5/5 – I liked the interlocking pigs…even if I do not understand why they chose pigs.
Taste: 5/5 – AWESOME!
Extra Points: 3 – Bonus 3 points for being the favorite.  😀

Total: 16/15