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If you live in Chicago or New York, you may have heard of Eataly, Italian marketplaces in the heart of these United States cities.

Nearly eight months after the Chicago location opened (December 2nd, 2013), I finally had the opportunity to visit Eataly, and more importantly, the Nutella Bar.

20140719_124921The menu is pretty much what you would expect, various cakes and such, slathered with Nutella.  There is Pane, Brioche, Saccottino, Tortina Margherita, Crostatina, Bacio di Dama, and Crepes with Banana, Coconut, Pistachios, or plain.  For full descriptions, there is a menu on the website.  There were also various items for sell, including a book on Nutella in Italian that I really want to pick up next time I have a chance.

20140719_124927I ended up purchasing a plain crepe, but was rather disappointed to find, that while it is supposed to be an Italian market, they carry the Nutella imported from Canada rather than the Nutella imported from Europe.  Also, the crepes were rather expensive, but I suppose it is easy to charge a higher price when they are not readily found all over the city.  I need to purchase a large enough pan to make my own one of these days.  Next time I will try something other than the crepes though.

20140719_130001The crepes were good, good enough for me to forget to take a picture until I was about half way through, but not nearly as good as the ones made in Italy.  After purchasing my crepe, I wandered around the market for a few minutes (I had a charity event with the Anti-Cruelty Society to attend), it was very crowded though, so I could not stop to look at too much.  There was a gelato bar as well, so I am curious to try theirs to see how it holds up to actual gelato.