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About five minutes down the street from where I grew up is a Asian supermarket called Mitsuwa.  I have often gone there to pick up green tea ice cream, udon noodles, miso soup, sushi, and various other items (I own a lot of chopsticks now thanks to this place).  So much of the merchandise there is hard to deceifer.  Most things have translated labels on the back, but even then translations can be wrong, and unless you go about picking every item up, there is no way to see everything there is.  For this reason, I love going there with friends. 

Last weekend, I went there with friends after an event we all attended.  One thing my friend Laura made a point to pick up for her boyfriend, was Choco Babies.  Of course, I had to know what Choco Babies were, so I picked up one of the small containers to try.

20140810_002404 20140810_002418

Choco Babies are tiny little pellets of chocolate that come in containers similar to a tic-tac container (though larger. 

20140810_002624They taste rather good, with a slightly bitter aftertaste.  The best way I could thin to describe these, was like large chocolate sprinkles.  I ate them right out of the container while driving, but I could easily see enjoying these on ice cream.

20140814_010253Here is a picture of one of the pellets next to a U.S. quarter.  If I had had any sprinkles in the house, I would have put one next to it as well.  These are probably about the same length as a sprinkle, but much thicker.

I will probably pick more of these up in the future, although maybe I should not, they were too easy to eat all at once.