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While I was in the hospital after having my surgery, two of my very good friends brought me a huge bag of Lindor Truffles.  It took me about a month to eat them all, and I actually would not be surprised to find one or two still hiding in my desk drawer at work.  Along with the truffles, they bought me these two little conical Caffarellino items that I had never seen before, but I recognized Caffarel as an Italian chocolate brand.8054_largeEach of these packages contained a wafer cone filled with chocolate, one dark, one milk.

20150813_135701-1The chocolate does tend to come off a bit from the top, despite the tailored packaging.

20150820_165529 20150813_135800-1Here are each of the wrappers.

20150820_165534The chocolate in each of these is very rich and strong.  Even with as much as a chocoholic as I am, I found it a bit much until the cone was paired with the chocolate, which gave it a nicer balance.  I think if these were cylindrical, with equal amount of cone at all times, it would be perfection, but these were still rather good.

Packaging:  2/5 – It emphasized the shape, but gave little information.
Chocolate Presentation:  5/5 – I found the shape cute, like little ice cream cones.
Taste:  3/5 – A little on the bitter side.
Extra Points:  1 – Cause I am a sucker for Italian things.

Total:  11/15