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20150821_064843I swear, the more I shop at Trader Joe’s, the more I am obsessed.  I will not deny that I have spent hours at a time before, watching people’s Trader Joe haul videos, looking for ideas on what to try next.  Whereas I used to do most of my grocery shopping at Whole Foods, I now am almost exclusively at Trader Joe’s, and only go to Whole Foods for certain items I cannot find at Trader Joe’s.

One of my favorite sections of the store, of course, is the candy and cookie aisle, that is over the frozen section (at least it is at the ones around here).  I have tried several of the items already, but there are still so many to try.

I first heard about Joe-Joe’s in a haul video.  Basically, they are Trader Joe’s version of Oreo’s, and they come in various flavors.  There are the traditional white cream in the chocolate cookie (that I have yet to try, but really need to), but I jumped straight into the double chocolate versions and they are too good for me to buy them regularly.  I will eat a whole box of these in mere days and feel horribly guilty afterwards (though not as guilty as if they had been Oreo’s).  The supposedly come in a peppermint version too over the holidays, so I will have to pick those up to try as well.

Packaging:  3/5 – Nothing unusual, just a standard box with rows of cookies inside.
Chocolate Presentation:  3/5 – They are docked for lack of creativity, I mean, I love them, but it HAS been done before.
Taste:  5/5 – DELICIOUS
Extra Points:  1 – For being a slightly healthier alternative to a staple favorite.

Total:  12/15