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20150909_145630Part of my Canadian Chocolate haul from DragonCon last month (holy damn, it has been a month already‽‽‽)  My friends know how much I love mint chocolate, and this bar is super minty.  There was something else that my British friend had brought to the con that was full on mint, and he made a comment about American’s not being big on strong mint flavors, and for a moment, I thought he may be correct, but I think it is more that we are just not used to it.  The first few bits of this bar, I did not really like it, the mint was too strong, but it has grown on me.

20150909_145717I noticed a strong smell of peppermint the moment I opened up the black wrapper.  I have to say, the black wrapper did appeal to my goth side.  😉 The first taste threatens to be overwhelming, but it is not bad at all.

20150909_145803The thing that is hardest to adjust to with stronger mint flavors, I think, is the slightly bitter aftertaste that it leaves.  Mint chocolate in the US is usually overpowered by sugar, so you do not really experience that taste.

Packaging:  4/5 – Standard, but appealing
Chocolate Presentation:  4/5 – I like the symbols on the chocolate, and I like the bite sized pieces.
Taste:  3/5 – Still strong, but still growing on me.
Extra Points:  0

Total:  11/15

Afterthought:  Hey, Nico, that is three posts since DragonCon, I want my Truffle Pig. 😉

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