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I swear, every time I go to Trader Joe’s right now I find more and more items that they have added for the holidays.  The latest are these M&M/Smartie look-a-likes that I could not pass up.  I think the bottle was $6, but it is a pretty cool bottle, and comes with a decent amount of pieces.


The candies come in red, green, and white for the holidays, and have all of these images on them (these are all of the color/image variations).


Best part, no Red40.  Thank you TJ’s.


The taste is somewhere between M&M’s and Smarties (being better than M&M’s made in the US but not as good as Smarties), but these are a nice alternative for when I cannot acquire any Smarties.  Only problem, I have never seen these outside of the holiday season, and who knows if they will be back in future years.