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My boyfriend knows too well how much of a chocolate lover I am, so for Valentines Day this year, he sent me a basket.  The intent was for a basket of Godiva chocolate, delivered in a basket with gold diamonds (to appeal to my Harley side), ordered through 1-800-Flowers/1-800-Baskets.  He knew I loved Godiva, and the whole point was to give me a basket of ALL CHOCOLATE.

Well, it appears 1-800-Flowers oversold on that particular product, and without notifying him and giving him any options as to a resolution, they instead sent me a completely different basket.  This basket had two things from Fannie May (Pralines and a Chocolate Bar), then the rest were various items from companies I know nothing about.  Harry & David popcorn, chocolate chip cookies, raspberry cookies, a heart shaped sugar cookie, and a few other things.  I have tried the popcorn…disappointing, I ended up throwing half of it out. The cookies were okay, but nothing special, I could get the same from a bag of Famous Amos.

Not only did the substitute a sub-par basket (I assume the prices were comparable, though I do not know how much he spent), they included a card in the box, stating that the order was for a Godiva basket.  So even had my boyfriend not said anything when I showed him a picture of what arrived, this card basically gave away the fact that I did not receive what was ordered.

My boyfriend has opened up a complaint about this, asking for his money back.  There was a card proclaiming 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed, but we have yet to see what their resolution for this problem is.  I would only be satisfied with either a 100% refund, or if they get the item back in stock soon, a re-delivery at a date of his choosing, but I believe it was a Valentines special, so I doubt that will happen.  Evidently, this is so common an occurrence that they have a drop down option on their online complaint form for “item not as pictured.”

I know my boyfriend is very upset about this, and very disappointed; and I feel terrible and angry on his behalf.  He tried to buy me something he knew I would love and that was messed up by the company.  I cannot speak to their flowers or other services, but from a chocolate lovers standpoint, I recommend avoiding this company, no matter how popular they are.  Much better to order directly from someplace like Godiva, or try another company.