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I do not remember where I first heard about Toothsome Chocolate Emporium, but I remember knowing immediately that I needed to go there.   So, when the opportunity arose to suggest a location for my Garrison to go to dinner Sunday night of Star Wars Celebration, this was the automatic choice.


(Those are my friends in the foreground…it took us a while to get moving after eating there)

Toothsome’s is located in City Walk at Universal Studios Orlando, which is the place outside of and connecting the two parks.  You do not need a ticket to get into this area, but you will need to either pay for parking or arrange for a drop off of some sort.

The place is kinda Willy Wonka, but more Steampunk meets Chocolate.  There is a gift shop immediately to the right upon entering, with tons of steampunk/chocolate themed shirts, accessories, ecc.; as well as chocolate items to take home with you.  There is also a little bakery area there, which I believe you can order the shakes from as well (but do not quote me on that.

You can see a full listing of the restaurant menu over here.  I did try an alcoholic drink, but I honestly do not remember much about it.  I think it was the Curious Cacao.

I wish I had tried one of the desserts or chocolate breakfast items, but it was at the end of a con, I was nearly broke, and I needed something substantial to eat (I ordered the Gnocchi…I am somewhat obsessed with Gnocchi as well).  I plan on going back there in October/November though, so I will definitely try some chocolate food-type items then (and maybe buy a few things from the shop).  What I did have, was a shake!


This beauty is the Chocolate X5 – Chocolate ice Cream, Chocolate Chunks, Strawberries, Chocolate Sauce, Fresh Whipped Cream, Chocolate Spirals, Cherry.  It was absolutely amazing, and I swear I kept drinking from it and it never ran out.

I keep debating if I will order this again when I go back, as it was so great, or if I will try a different shake for the sake of trying something different.  If I do, it will most likely be the Brownie Shake (Dutch chocolate ice cream, brownie, milk chocolate swirl) unless something new gets added.

This is definitely a must go-to place for any chocolate lover!