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While I was at Disney this April, I finally had the opportunity to Drink Around the World at Epcot.  For those of you who do not know what this means and are unfamiliar with Epcot; Epcot contains the World Pavilion, 11 full country pavilions that feature food, drink, and gifts from their countries.  Even the employees at each pavilion are often from that country, I believe on work programs, but I am not sure how the recruiting process goes.

epcot-map-2There is also a sort of half pavilion though; The African Outpost, located between China and Germany.  It is as if they started to build a pavilion there, but never got around to finishing (I wish they would add more pavilions).  There are only a few gift kiosks there, and one beverage area: Refreshment Cool Post.  Most people just skip this when drinking around the world, and I might have to, if I had not seen one of their beverages.


Hot Chocolate with a float of Amarula Cream Liqueur.  Now, at first, I was not sure what Amarula was, then I remembered that this was a key ingredient to a drink I had mentioned having at the Kalahari before, the Elephant Mud Bath.  So, I made a point to stop there and drink it.  This was a difficult drink to enjoy though, being a hot drink in the hot weather, and already being three drinks in.  But, I did enjoy it.  I came back to Illinois and ended up picking up a bottle of Amarula (and then inherited another bottle from friends), which has given me the opportunity to experiment further.


I have had the Amarula mixed with Trader Vics chocolate a few times since.  Now, Amarula is not a chocolate alcohol, so I will not say more on that, but if you are at Epcot, the Hot Chocolate at the African Outpost is worth trying.  And if you are drinking around the world and skipping the African Outpost, perhaps you can substitute this drink for another pavilion where there is nothing that appeals to you.