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As fantastic as my experience for last week’s shake was, this week’s was equally as disappointing.  I have been looking for a reason to go to Sugar Factory since I first heard of it, and the opportunity finally arose this May when my local Lolita groups met up to go there after an anime convention.

Sugar Factory promotes a menu full of insanely over-the-top sugary food and drinks, complete with dry ice fog, gummy treats, lollipops, and more.  With all the focus on candy and sugar though, they fall short in the chocolate department.  The whole meal I was looking forward to a chocolate shake, but what I received was essentially a cheap vanilla shake with just enough “chocolate” syrup to make it not look vanilla.


Honestly, most of the chocolate syrup is spent decorating the side of the glass rather than mixing in with the shake itself.  Also, this location only had basic shake flavors, which was an instant disappointment considering the website boasts a selection of much more interesting varieties (and you have to select a location before seeing the menu, so they advertise these for this location).