I am a complete and total chocoholic!  When I was little, we discovered I was allergic to chocolate, but that has never stopped me.  A running joke amongst my friends is, that whatever city I am in, I will find the chocolate district, and after trying chocolate in 17 different countries and 3 continents, I guess it is true.

Back in High School, whenever my friend Melanie and I were sad, or depressed, or stressed, or just having a chocolate craving, we would go to Bennigans and order the Death by Chocolate cake.  Then.  Bennigans closed and the Death by Chocolate was no more.  So I am on a quest to find the new ultimate chocolate item.

Whether it be a brand, cafe, specific item, or a topic, the plan is to post at least once a week about chocolate.  There may also be the occasional wine post, because wine goes great with chocolate (I prefer reds :D), but those will be supplemental.  I welcome any and all recommendations, so let me know if there is a fantastic chocolate you think I should try.

Oh, and why “Chocoquinn?”  It is like Chococat from Sanrio (my favorite Sanrio character, by the way), only Quinn, for Harley Quinn.  Why Harley Quinn?  I am slightly obsessed.  See my other blog for more details.  😀

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